Queen Anne's County

Colonial Churches of Queen Anne's County

St. Luke's at Church Hill

The list of pewholders of St.Luke's at Church Hill in 1731 is considered the "Who's Who" of

early Queen Anne's County.

Reading desk,lectern & pulpit

1. Rev. & Mrs. John Lang

2. James Hollyday       

3. James Earle, Sr.     

4. John Gould           

5. John Collins

6. Thomas Hynson Wright

7. Thomas Peacock & S.Betts

8. John Hollingsworth & Humphrey Wells

9. Charles Wilkinson & John Primrose  

10.James Brown & William Tanner     

11.Nathaniel Cleave                  

12.William Radcliff            

13.Jonathan Ripley               

14.William Carman                    

15.Edward Broan & Richard Collins         

16.Hercules Cook & John Kersey        

17.Henry Wilsox & Daniel Wilcox      

18.James Hynes                       

19.Nathaniel Wright & Thomas Frisby          

20.John Nevil                         

21.John Collins,Jr.& Thomas Bailey   

22.Thomas Hanson & Henry Johnson    

23.Walter Nevil                       

24.John Carpenter & John Chairs

25.Willim Pinder & Thomas Bryan             

26.Edmund Wright & Fairclough Wright

27.Robert Whorton & William Burton

28.Augustine Thompson

29.Robert Wright

30.James Salisbury

31.Mary Wright

32.John & Hans Hamilton

33.John Hawkins

34.John & Thomas Hackett

35.Widow Davis & Widow Murphy

36.John Demster

37.Solomon Clayton

38.William Edwards

39.Thomas Sherbrook & Joseph Harris

40.George Ellicott & William Ellicott

41.John Wright & Edward Roe

42.Joseph Whittington & Nathaniel Wright

43.Richard Broadway

44.John Sparks

45.Solomon Wright,Sr.

Cabinet maker, Matthew Kirby, and carpenter James Valiant were contracted

in 1730 for construction.



St.Paul's Parish - Old Chester Church


In 1836 the pews in the church were rented by the following:

1. Sexton

2. Pere Wilmer

3. William H. Emory

4. Thomas A. Emory

5. Thomas Wright 3d

6. Mrs. E.A.Feddeman

7. William Y. Bourke

8. Pere Wilmer

9. Dr. Robert Goldsborough

10.Richard C. Tilghman


12.Capt. Thomas Wright

13.Thomas C. Earle

14.Thomas Hemsley

15.Mrs. Ann Nichols

16.Pere Tilghman

17.Dr.Jas. Bordley

18.Miss Valeria Wright

19.William A.Spencer

20.William A.Spencer


22.Henry Holyday

23.Richard T.Earle

24.Richard T Earle

25.William Carmichael

26.Col.Thomas Emory

27.Col.John Tilghman

28.Chas. C. Tilghman

29.Philip T. Davidson

30.Clayton Wright

31.Richard E. Clayton

32.Gerald Coursey

33.Thomas Sutton

34.Stephen L.Wright

35.William Grason

36.Edward Tilghman

37.John P. Paca

38.Dr. Robert Goldsboro'

Old Wye Church


The register of pews recorded by the vestry September 17,1723 lists the following allotments:

1. John Emory and Tr'm Thomas

2. Robert Noble

3. William Elbert

4. Charles Stevens

5. William Clayton

6. pulpit

7. Thomas Emerson

8. Tristram Thomas, Sr.

9. Charles Neale

10.William Finney

11.James Knowles

12.R'gr Cl'yla'd and John Pursley

13.Henry Costin and Rich'd Costin

14.Arthur Em'ry

15.William Cockin and William Brown

16.Thomas Yewell

17.William Cole

18.W.Cl'yt'n, Sr. and William Ratcliffe

19.Jno.Blackwell and Jas. Saunders

20.John Morgan and Jas.Morgan

21.John Miller and John Welch

22.Thomas Murphy and William Durden

23.William Clayton

24.John Fitzpatrick

25.William Camell

26.William Hemsley and James Earle

27.William Turbutt

28.Edward Thomas

29.Edward Harris

30.Joseph Earle

31.Jno.Emerson and John Downs

There is a space allotted at the West Side of the Door "for strangers"

Christ Chruch at Kent Island


Enrollment of Parishioners February 4th, 1801

James Ringgold

James M. Elliott

Edward Browne

Samuel Smith

Bejnamin Walters

John Walters

Christopher Earickson


Alexander Walters

Jones Goodhand

Jos.Barnes, Jr.

John C. Legg

John Stevens, Jr.

Thomas Elliott

Moses C. Legg

William Osborn

John Price

John Stevens, Sr.

Aquilla Brown

Samuel Blunt

Samuel White

Henry Weedon,Jr.

Tuckahoe Chapel - St. John's Parish


November 6th, 1770 the pews were drawn and paid for at the Parish Church at Nine Bridges

as follows:

1. the Rector's pew

2. Robert Brady and P. Robertson

3. Thomas Baggs

4. John Pratt

5. John Price

6. Amos Jarman

7. Isaac Baggs and Anthony Cox

8. Daniel Cummings

9. John Tillotson, Jr.

10.Thomas Wright

11.Nathaniel Wright

12.Thomas Hughlett

13.Richard Mason

14.Chr.Cross Routh

15.John Atkinson


17.Rachel Roe for her son William

18.Charles Murphy

19.John Meeds

20.John Tolson


22.William Elliott Griffith

23.Joseph and Benjamin Elliott

24.Matthew Griffith

25.William Cannon


27.George and Rachel Baynard

28.Mary Sylvester and son Benjamin

29.Solomon Mason

30.William Cannon

31.paper torn here

32.William Emory

33.Hannah Boone and son

34.William Wrench

35.James and David Sylvester


37.Moses,James and John Boone

38.John Walker


40.Richard Bishop

41.William Smith

42.John Costin

43.William Richardson

44.Nathan Harington

45.James Chetham